Office Pool Manager

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Welcome to SimplySportsWare. If you're looking for an Office Pool manager look no further. We offer the best Office Pool hosting online! This site will help you manage your Pro & College football pools, Pro Hockey pools, NCAA bowl and March Madness bracket pools online, and eliminate all that long and tedious paperwork.

As a commish, things could not get easier. From users entering their picks online, to getting automatic reminders and sheets sent out, your work is limited!

Feature Recap

  • Live Scores
  • Highly Customizable Pool Settings
  • No Advertising or Spam
  • Tons of Reports
  • Private Forum For Each Pool
  • Email Notification Options
  • Outstanding Email Support
  • No Annoying Popups or Ads
  • Fast Page Loads
  • Easy To Use Website
  • Setup Your Preferred Time Zone
  • Automatic Updates

The first thing you need to do in order to use the site is to ensure that Cookies are enabled in your browser. You must then register on the site. Registration on the site is free. Note that you can only be logged in as one user at a time on a single computer. If you have multiple entries in your pool, the Alias feature is for you. Once registered, you can either create your own private pool and invite your friends, or join an existing private pool after receiving an invitation from the pool commish (organizer).