March Madness Pick 8 Pool Hosting

In March Madness Pick 8 Pools members select exactly 8 teams and for each win the selected team's rank gets added to the overall points. For example, if one of the 8 teams you selected is Wake Forest, and they win 4 games, since they are a #2 rank, you will get 8 points (2 times 4 wins). The hosting fee starts at $6.95 which includes the first 10 members.

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  • Standard Features

    • Fast, excellent, customer-friendly email support.
    • Private forum for your pool.
    • Custom pick deadline.
    • Email reminders and pick confirmations.
    • Printable reports
    • Live Scoring - poolwide picks refreshed realtime.
    • What-If Scenarios
    • Free Trial!
  • Pricing

    • $6.95 for first 10 members.
    • $0.50 for each additional member.
  • Customizations

    A lot of pools will choose to use the default configuration however we have added a lot of customization options to our pools to make the games more enjoyable. Simply choose to enable or disable any of these options, and more.

    • Allow multiple entries (aliases) per person without requiring a new account for each entry.
    • Picks can be hidden until pick deadline passes.