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Welcome to the Site Tour for NHL Player Playoff Box Pools at This guide should be read by anyone that wishes to either create or join an NHL Player Playoff Box Pool on our site. Please report any errors to

As of 2007, we are very excited to announce that we are hosting NHL Player Playoff Box Pools. The pool is run completely online, so there is no need for any software to run on your computer (except for an Internet browser). The format of this pool type is selection-based whereby each member drafts exactly one player from up to 18 boxes. Pre-defined boxes can be used, or the pool commish can define custom boxes. Pool stats are updated from 3:00 AM ET each day.

Poolsters love having options available when it comes to pool rules, and we provide many customization options that will gear to your desired pool setup. If you would like to suggest an option that we do not currently support, please send an email to

We encourage you to try out our free trial period which runs through the first 2 weeks of the playoffs, with no obligations. Our hosting fees for NHL Player Playoff Box Pools are $1 per member, up to a maximum of $15 for the entire playoffs (for up to 200 members). If your pool will contain more than 200 members, please send us an email for a pricing estimate.

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