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Welcome to the Site Tour for NFL Football Confidence Rank Pools at This guide should be read by anyone that wishes to either create or join an NFL Confidence Rank Pool on our site. Please report any errors to

The pool is run completely online, so there is no need for any software to run on your computer (except for an Internet browser). The format of this pool type is a pick-style format whereby each member selects who they believe will win each game each week, assigning a rank to each pick. Ranks assigned are from 1 to the number of games in each given week and each number can only be used once per week. The higher the rank, the more confident you are about the pick. The rank placed on each game is the number of points you receive for that game if you get it right. Scores and Live Standings are updated every 30 seconds and the official pool standings are updated immediately after each game completes.

Poolsters love having options available when it comes to pool rules, and we provide many customization options that will gear to your desired pool setup. If you would like to suggest an option that we do not currently support, please send an email to

We encourage you to try out our free trial period which runs through the first 3 weeks of the regular season, with no obligations. Our hosting fee for NFL Confidence Rank Pools starts at $14.95 for the first 10 members, and then there is a per-member fee for any member after the 10th, starting at $1.50 per member. If you hosted a pool with us last year, your hosting fee will remain the same as it was last year. For details about our pricing, navigate to our Pricing page.

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